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3D Model Promo Set

Dear Visitor, thank You for Your interest in this Package! 

Would you like to care about presentation of Your Content?

3d Model Promo Set may add a little detail to Your Work. And so You will be one step closer with showing it to Friends, at Forum and Store page...

Premade backgrounds, podiums and lighting are ready and waiting for Your Model to show up!


Unity Editor: 5.3.0 or Higher
Design Compatibility: for any Your Assets

- 13 materials
- Cyclorama for smooth gradients
- five stands that can be combined together
- 13 variants of stands in prefabs
- Lights and camera are all set up
- All objects are UV-mapped so you could add your own textures. Try just drag and drop textures into material


Special thanks
in alphabetical order to:
Endre Baráth for the mystical Bronze figures,
RobinTucker for the fairy Medieval House,
and VR for the nostalgic Old Wooden Row Boat v2,
which where shown in promo materials to the Set.

Camera and lighting are ready. So just place Cyclorama and Stands into 0, 0, 0 position. Then place Your Model on Stand. You're almost done, all You have to do is take screenshot. If You do not mind, You may also Build Scene and run exe to get better resolution.

You can use only background object (which by the way is called Cyclorama or Cyc Wall) with included materials. It gives you smooth gradients in the background.

If you would like to place your model on something - just go to prefabs and pick one which you feel would be nice.

For scene to look more styled, try same material for stand And cyclorama.

There are stands made specifically for Aircrafts and Ships, while other may be used for ground vehicles, characters and architecture. And since it is possible to scale stands, they can be used with other genres.




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