Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit colony AUGMENTED

Unity Editor: 5.6.7 or higher
Design Compatibility: All Heavy Station Kit series 

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Not even scratched the surface
One would say: let the work speak instead.
But is there even work to speak?

This Package is the Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit colony AUGMENTED, and it is about spacious research center with fabulous views through panoramical windows over the area that is yet to discover.
Scientific goals are about to be set around modern business tables, and dot_Mobile Scanners are ready to implement them.
Such tasks require proper support, and Kitchen, Gardens, swimming Pool will provide it, as well as just right water temperature from Shower will help finish the day in the comfortable Bedroom...

- The Modular approach to Form a single structure or the cluster
- 10x10 meters grid to effortlessly Blend the components
- Customization options to configure the Elevator, Kitchen, Ventilation, Flowerpots and Tables for Your needs
- The power of compatibility between the Base & Hangars & Colony for total of 1050 Prefabs.


The AUGMENTED version comes with
- The “Source code” of the Texturing - ID & Curvature & Height Maps
- Levels of Detail (LoDs), which provides further optimization. They are prefabs with custom collisions
- Additional Prefabs


Overhauling of the following in v2.x:

To significantly reduce Drawcalls, most models were packaged into Themes. Each theme uses a single Material. Some UVs have a bit of free space, which has been reserved for future updates (thus adding new objects will not require additional materials).

An amplified look and optimization for the old objects; new objects were added to expand Your opportunities for creative development.

Adventuring in the world of PBR, all the materials now possess Metallic maps.
PSD for GUI is included.

Earlier scripts have been corrected and expanded upon, and for widening the possibilities of the kit, new scripts have been created.


The list of Third party assets used in the video and screenshots that were added to Promo materials for presentational purposes, but are prohibited for including within the Package:
- Ground texture
- Rocks
- Standard Unity Water
- Post Processing Stack v2 (Github version)


17 themes total of 451 Prefabs, covering:
- Decorations four types of small Flowers, round and straight Vases, five types of Grass, three types of Stones, three types of Trees, Sand and Rock areas, and additionally 19 prefab compositions
- Devices Bidet, Toilet, Console, Medical bed, slopping, straight and circular podiums, an open shower, a closed shower, Support piece, Towel, Urinal, Washstand with faucets
- Displays seven Animated Displays, one of which is a Security Display, two are Servers, Rays of the Reactor, and rest are small to medium consoles, and additionally ten colorful ADs, a Wallpaper for notebook
- Door Window Scripted doors, with the color of light depending on use - active, closed, inactive, sliderless - also reactor prefab, windows with a hue of the light that varies if the glass is mounted, and a Reactor
- Elevator an Elevator prefab with glass cage with floor number and without, with metallic cage, support for Cabine, unique Cargo meant for transportation within Elevator, Elevator Console, and the necessary prefabs
- Equipment Escape Pod Door, three Console types, two small Reactors, narrow and wide Lightboxes, wide and ultra wide Lightboxes with prepared ADs, Security Camera, four hologram-like Planets, two Servers
- Floors pieces are double sided with no lights, few long lights and many small lights, a Pool, Pool Ladder, small floor with square and round openings, with a fence around or without, a Stair system and separate Lights
- Furniture Jalousies are single piece, many open and closed, rotated and not, a floor Lamp, cinema screen, cinema sound, Manager & Rest & Medical chairs, a Bed, a small Carpet, five Cupboards, Small and Medium circular and oval ceiling Lamps, a Pillow, a Couch, two types of Modular tables - Office and Casual
- Glass for Doors, Elevator, Floor, Handrails, a radial pieces, for Stairs, Tables, for Walls
- Kitchen a Modular Kitchen with separate doors, Blender, Kitchen Set of knives and accessory, Coffee table, a box with three types of pictures for a meal, and paper bottle for drinks, five types of dishes with cover, Microwave, two types of scales, Teapot, Toaster, and Washing machine
- Objects Bottles, Security camera, Container, Cup, Cutlery set with stand, Microscope, Netbook, Pad, Testtube, Testtube holder, Thermos, and Tray
- Outside Top-Down Top-Down piece, Radar, Wall support, Foundation, Solar panel, Tanks on a stand, Base entrance, Supports, Modular Gallery transition pieces, Outside walls either with openings for doors or without, Outside walls with panoramical windows
- Outside Top-Down 2 Outside barrier, Outside patroling Perimeter with Shields, Stairs and Fences
- Stairs Handrails of the Stairs either straight or round, Glass holders, separate Lights, six types of premade Stairs
- Ventilation Modular kit with either gridded or blocked Entrance, a Ladder, and Tube
- Walls Flat, with openings either solid or for panoramical Window and for Capsules, additionally Arches, Small & Medium & Large Partitions
- Zzz Light Scripted light source 

Unique Core Construction elements to the Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit colony: Floors, Walls, Arches, and Outside Walls (Top-Down Theme).
Unique Transition Facilities: Doors, Ventilations, Stairs, Ladders, Elevators and Galleries



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