Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit hangars AUGMENTED

Unity Editor: 5.6.7 or higher
Design Compatibility: All Heavy Station Kit series 

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This Package is the Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit hangars AUGMENTED, and it is about room-sized gateways that allows various vehicles to let in, then heavy cranes do the unload process. Meanwhile, in narrow corridors aggregates are working full throttle, and a web of modular pipelines is leading the eye into the depths of the station...

It is a series of modular artistic kits, and the pieces of one kit are compatible with another kit, within Sci-Fi Heavy Station series.

- The Modular approach to Form a single structure or the cluster
- 10x10 meters grid to effortlessly Blend the components
- Customization options to configure the Ladders and the Elevators for Your needs
- The power of compatibility between the Base & Hangars & Colony for total of 1050 Prefabs.


The AUGMENTED version comes with
- The “Source code” of the Texturing - ID & Curvature & Height Maps
- Levels of Detail (LoDs), which provides further optimization. They are prefabs with custom collisions
- Additional Prefabs


Overhauling of the following in v2.x, which came after v1.2:

To significantly reduce Drawcalls, most models were packaged into Themes. Each theme uses a single Material. Some UVs have a bit of free space, which has been reserved for future updates (thus adding new objects will not require additional materials).

An amplified look and optimization for the old objects; new objects were added to expand Your opportunities for creative development. For triangle count please refer to the Documentation.

Adventuring in the world of PBR, all the materials now possess Metallic maps, in addition to Albedo, Normal, Occlusion, and for some objects Emission, in sizes up to 4k, and are using PNG and TGA formats.
PSD for GUI is included.

Earlier scripts have been corrected and expanded upon, and for widening the possibilities of the kit, new scripts have been created.


The list of Third party assets used in the video and screenshots that were added to Promo materials for presentational purposes, but are prohibited for including within the Package:
- Ground texture
- Rocks
- Standard Unity Water
- Post Processing Stack v2 (Github version)  


18 themes total of 281 Prefabs, covering:
- Aggregates, Ballons and Cables, Cargocase, Consoles, Rail and Crane modular system, Reactor and Server
- Aggregates2 are huge single, dual and trio Pipes, Flat reactor, Huge barrels with various pipes
- Arches are three types of L shaped design elements, with customizable solid and/or transparent pieces
- Door and Gate
- Elevator
- Floors come as Floor Frames in sizes of 10 and 5 meters. There are also two types of narrow Transition elements and four kinds of Hand-rails. There are solid and transparent Floor Fill pieces to fit in floor frames
- Garage are modular pieces for a vehicle with wheels. Around that can be placed special maintenance platforms and with ladder for humans to get up. Also, the theme has its own console and aggregate
- Outside has modular energy barrier, huge stairs, animated radar, cone-shaped station
- Gateway are room-scaled areas for vehicles, with full-sized animated gates
- Pipelines1 are new small modular pipelines
- Pipelines2 looks like ones in Base v2, but now they are modular
- Props are small and medium barrels, a small battery, small to medium to big boxes, and a small but narrow and long box that can be stacked on itself in pyramid form
- Supports
- Top Bottom three different pieces
- Top-Down has four types of walls for outside, and elements to close gaps for Top-Down use
- Top-Down2 has new supports for outside, three additional walls for outside, and pieces for Top-Down use
- Walls has 5 and 10 meters elements, flat and L and C shaped, with openings for doors, gates and windows
- Zzz Light scripted light source

Unique Core Construction elements to the Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit hangars: Floors, Walls, Arches, Outside Walls (Top-Down Theme), and Supports.
Unique Transition Facilities: Doors, Gates, Gateways, Ladders, Elevators



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