Sci-Fi Armored Vehicles Kit

Unity Editor: 5.3.0 or Higher
Design Compatibility: All Heavy Station Kit series 

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- Animated Roof Mods, three pieces
- Eighteen premade vehicles
- Interior and Bottom
- Sixteen prefabs, to make your own vehicle
- Eight Body Variants
- Ten Roof Mods in total, action and support
- Mods are separated, ready to animate
- Seven paint jobs for body
- Three colors of dirt for tires

Dot_Truck_Controller.cs (C#)
- Brakes
- Wheels reacting to surface
- Specify number of Axles
- Motor & Steering selection for each Axle
- Drag Wheel Collider & Visual Wheel
- Customize Motor Torque and Steering Angle


Version 1.1
Enhanced script:
Added support of inverted steering to the wheels, for any axle.

Non PBR Standard Materials
- Albedo
- Metalic
- Normal
- Occlusion
- Emission

512 - 4096

Interior is meant for FPS-kind of game - you look at vehicle, come to it and can see what is inside. Steering Wheel is not separate.



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