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Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit props

Dear Visitor, thank You for Your interest in this Package! 

Sci-Fi HSK props is Sci-fi Props Kit from Heavy Station series by DotTeam.

In total there are 53 prefabs - barels, boxes, tanks, consoles, screens, aggregates and other.

Props are included in Heavy Station Kit base and Heavy Station Kit hangar.

In package there are more prefabs than you may see on screenshots.


Unity Editor: 5.3.0 or Higher
Design Compatibility: All Heavy Station Kit series 

Version 1.1

- Added 8 new Objects
- Added 21 new Prefab
- New Material
- New lighting in proper Prefabs
- Updated Colliders

Objects 30
Prefabs 53
Standard Material Maps
- Albedo
- Normal
- Emission
- Occlusion (in Prefabs with Aggregates)
512 - 1024


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