Latest versions of fixed and improved C# Scripts.
You can easily replace them in your Heavy Station Kit (Set) projects.

Just replace it with a Disabled Project. 

Animated Texture

The script is used in all assets Heavy Station Kit (Set) from DOTTEAM.

The updated version of the script fixes a bug in the work of animated display textures in HDRP and URP Heavy Station Kit (Set) projects.

Script location in project:
\Assets\Heavy Station Kit\_common\Scripts\Animated Texture\DotAnimatedTexture.cs

Colony Elevator

The new script fixes some problems in the operation of the elevator.

Script location in project:
\Assets\Heavy Station Kit\_common\Scripts\Elevators\DotFPCElevator2ConControlItems.cs

Hangars Gateway

The new script fixes problems with modes of operation in large gates hangars and hangars AUGMENTED.

Script location in project:
\Assets\Heavy Station Kit\_common\Scripts\Gateway\DotHskGate.cs

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