Where can I get detailed information about DOTTEAM assets?

Each DOTTEAM asset on the Asset Store page is accompanied by the necessary descriptions.
You can also check out the latest documentation for today, which is entirely dedicated to the Heavy Station Kit: Heavy_Station_Kit_2022.pdf

Can I build one building using Base, Hangars, Colony and Dugout?

All Heavy Station Kits are fully compatible. It was made specifically to implement all your ideas. During construction, you can use all of ours Heavy Station Kits, that you have.
Example of construction with Base, Hangars and Colony:
Schemes of the combination Base, Hangars, Colony and Dugout at the level of doors, ventilation, etc.:

What are the unique features of Base, Hangars, Colony and Dugout?

For example, Base contains a unique staircase, Colony contains customizable elevators, Dugout contains a combination of hatches in the ceiling and floor (its main purpose is to build space stations and shuttles), and Hangars contains a garage, large gates, etc. This is only a small part of the functional differences. In addition, each Kit has its own architecture, elements that do not conflict visually, but complement each other.
More details:
Base - HSK_BA.jpg
Hangars - HSK_HA.jpg
Colony - HSK_CA.jpg
Dugout - HSK_DA.jpg

General reference for comparing the features of the composition of the Heavy Station Kit..

Comparative tables: HSK_Comparison.pdf

When re-saving the Prefab, its animated materials were lost?

To restore animated #C materials in a prefab, you need to reassign them in the Prefab Edit Mode.
Simpe demo: https://youtu.be/-mqKqnYMr2g
You will find information about which materials are intended for certain models in the current version of the documentation: Heavy_Station_Kit_2022.pdf

Render Pipelines: Built-in, HDRP and URP..

DotTeam' Heavy Station Kit uses Built-In RP - meaning materials should convert to whatever render pipeline.
The Kit is done in Built-in RP for the purposes of shader conversion.
"Compatible" means that there are no custom shaders, and therefore it is supporting URP or HDRP.
But some things need to be played with. For example - Lighting, Post-Processing, etc.



Some objects (animated displays) needs manualy reasigned materials.


Can I use purchased DOTTEAM assets in other game engines, not just Unity3D?

You can use our assets with whatever game engines you want. But each engine has its own requirements for meshes, textures, etc. You will need to manually make the necessary changes to the content of the asset to adapt it.

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